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Face Consultants Fzc is a specialist civil engineering consultancy, devoted to the design, detailing, construction and functionality of industrial concrete flooring.

In focusing our expertise into this one area, we are uniquely placed to offer unrivalled advice to Funds, Developers, Contractors and End-Users, channelling a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been developed over 30 years within the industry. Working with the contractor we can advise on how to adjust current construction techniques to improve floor flatness.

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As well as being a part of the building, we believe that the floor is an integral part of any operational facility, acting as a platform to carry out production, a pathway to transport goods and an area to store. We maintain that a well-designed durable floor can improve long term efficiency.

Face Consultants Fzc are actively involved in the design, construction and surveying of over 10,000,000m² of flooring per year; an area in excess of 1400 Wembley Stadium pitches (that’s the equivalent of over 5 pitches a day!). Our expertise takes us all over the globe, giving us an unrivalled level of experience that aids the refinement of our designs and methods – in the last twelve months, Face Consultants have been active in over 30 Countries.

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Using the latest in DIGITAL

Floor flatness testing equipment including profileographs, DINmeters and F-Speed reader

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