New CoGri Company set to revolutionise Floor Flatness Testing

February 3, 2020

CoGri Engineering Company LaunchWe are excited to announce the formation of our new company, CoGri Engineering Ltd. This brings together a talented team to focus on the design and manufacture of revolutionary floor flatness testing equipment.

The company, which is part of the CoGri Group, will supply floor profilers and other cutting-edge floor testing equipment to other group divisions as well as customers throughout the world.

A new product manager, Peter Barnard, has been brought in to head up the company. Peter is degree qualified in both electronics and management as well as possessing extensive experience of the electronics and software sectors.

Speaking about the new company, Peter commented: “This new role offers a really exciting challenge that combines research, product development, manufacturing and support. I have a great team to work with and look forward to launching some fantastic new products into the market.”

Commenting on the formation of the company, Kevin Dare – MD of CoGri Group, said: “The new company has enabled us to separate the services side of the business provided by Face Consultants in terms of Design, on site QA and testing from the product development R & D and sales side of the business which in the past has all been under the Face Consultants brand.”

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