Testing Floors for G2P Automation

Growth in Robotics for E-commerce Warehouse Fulfilment

In the current climate, we have seen an upsurge in internet shopping, as customers want their goods delivered faster than ever and straight to their door.

The appeal of Goods to Person Robotics (G2P) in e-commerce warehouse fulfilment centres has, and will, continue to grow exponentially. This growth is due to the need for increased pick rates and packing efficiency, with less labour and increased security in the warehouse.

G2P Floor Testing Services

To maximise warehouse space, modular systems are also being built higher than ever to unlock available vertical space therefore, necessitating automated systems.

Leading the Way in Testing Floors for G2P Automation

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), or operating Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) require flat floors. Some of these floors also need to be assessed for compliance with specified gloss, friction, and surface micro roughness requirements to enable optimal performance.

The Forefront of G2P Testing

Laser Guided Profileograph for G2P floor surveysFace Consultants lead the way in floor flatness testing technology and are at the forefront of testing for G2P, providing services for e-commerce warehouse fulfilment centres around the globe.

Clearly Specified Charactersitics

AMRs on Automated Warehouse FloorWe understand the working parameters of Robotics equipment and will therefore, following consultation, provide a set of working performance characteristics that can be clearly specified for the construction industry.

Compliance Checking

Where possible current standards and methods of testing are embraced, but a clear method of compliance checking is drafted and agreed upon. This ensures ambiguities or misunderstandings are removed and all stakeholders involved understand the factors required to deliver a floor suitable for an efficient and successful automated warehouse.

Whether this is your first venture into G2P, or you are a seasoned veteran, the floor in your warehouse fulfilment centre is critical to your e-commerce success. Every year Face Consultants are involved with over ten million square metres of warehouse flooring. We design, survey, and test commercial and industrial concrete flooring, worldwide.

We are here to both ask and answer the most critical question you should have to maximise warehouse operations – is your warehouse floor flat enough?

Contact us today and we will help you find out.

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