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March 14, 2018

On-site supervisionFace Consultants Ltd UK expansion continues with the recruitment of two additional Engineers dedicated to covering our On-Site Supervision / Quality Assurance services. They bring with them a wealth of experience and expertise. Previously, on-site inspections were carried out by our Design Engineers, who will continue to support their new colleagues.

Whilst Face Consultants have always been busy in this market, growth over the previous two to three years has seen quite a dramatic upturn and the decision to recruit staff specifically to undertake the inspections and supervision was quite easy.

As the Logistics industry develops, key Stakeholders are becoming much more aware of the importance of the floor as the final working platform for warehouse operations. Because of this, it is becoming more and more common for the Developer / Funder / Tenant to include within the Base Build Specification, a requirement for specialist On-Site Supervision for the slab construction works as an additional layer of protection against potential issues.

Pre-construction Critical Review

Pre-construction reviewFace Consultants offer a variety of services that can aid improvement of the works, starting at pre-construction stage with a critical review of the structural slab design and construction details, analysis of the concrete mix design and an overall compliance check against the Base Specification, through to the development of a Quality, Inspection and Testing plan, attendance at Design Team meetings, pre-pour checks of the preparation and either part or full-time attendance on site during works.

“It is encouraging that the industry as a whole is now seeing the true value in employing Face Consultants to undertake these specific services, rather than viewing it as a contractual obligation to be discharged, as was sometimes the case in previous years”, says Christopher Linley, Design Manager for Face Consultants Ltd, “It is not by accident that we are employed directly by some of the giants of the development, logistics and e-commerce industries to ensure that the performance and operational aspects of their facilities are front and centre of consideration when it comes to the design and construction of the floor”.

Extensive Knowledge

Face Consultants are set aside from our competition through the fact that, as well as being responsible for the design of millions of square meters of industrial floor design per year globally, we have extensive knowledge of construction methods, challenges and details through our partnerships with our CoGri Group colleagues. The Consulting services we undertake also give us a unique insight into the dilapidation, damage and failure of existing industrial floors, and gives us the knowledge and experience to advise on ways to prevent these issues occurring in new builds.

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