Defined Movement Floor Flatness Comparisons

Comparison table for Defined Movement Specifications.

UK Concrete Society TR34 4th edition ACI Fmin numbers DIN 15185  VDMA 
  Transverse Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal Transverse Longitudinal  Transverse Logitudinal
  DM1   107 90 Comparable  – Tighter
  DM2   70 63 Tighter  – Tighter
  DM3   57 45 Tighter  Comparable Tighter Comparable

Although all the above specifications have the same method of testing transverse elevation, DIN 15185 and VDMA do not have a rate in change in elevation control.

TR34 and ACI F min are measured in the same way and have the same properties of measurement. DIN 15185 and VDMA are measured the same both transversely and longitudinally but have different property limits. VDMA also has a micro wave control called Fx.

As there are no direct comparisons longitudinally, comparisons have been made by testing many 1000’s of metres of the same floor but with differing instruments.

Measurement Standards

TR34 4th Edition

TR34 4th Ed Chapter 3

The Concrete Society’s TR34 (4th Ed) Chapter 3

(Current Version)

EN 15620

EN 15620


Comparison table for Defined Movement Specifications

Flatness Comparisons

Comparison table for Defined Movement Specifications

TR34 3rd Edition

TR34 3rd Ed Chapter 4

The Concrete Society’s TR34 Free Movement (3rd Ed) Chapter 4

(Previous Version)*

* The Concrete Society’s TR34 3rd edition was superseded by the 4th edition in August 2013.
† Replaced 2021. New version has no flatness requirement.

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