Surface Gloss Testing

Surface gloss can be an important factor for warehouses which use automated guided vehicles or ‘bots’.

The mobile robots navigate around the warehouse by following a series of computerised barcode stickers on the floor. If the floor on which the bots are operating is too ‘glossy’ then this can interfere with the Bots ability to read the barcode stickers causing delays.

Gloss Meter

We measure Surface gloss by using an optical instrument called a gloss meter. A glossmeter provides quantifiable gloss measurements, expressed as gloss units (GU). Face Consultants Ltd use the Glossmeter method.

Gloss Readings

Gloss readings being taken with a gloss meter

Gloss readings being taken on site with a Gloss Meter.

The Gloss Meter Can Check Gloss, Haze & Reflectance

Gloss, haze and reflectance measurement

Gloss & Reflectance can be measured at 20, 60 & 85 Degrees.

Gloss Surveys

Surface gloss measurements/surveys can also be undertaken where a high gloss or ‘shiny’ surface is required such as a car show room, entrance lobby or retail premises. Face Consultants Ltd can carry out a surface gloss survey based on your individual requirements or can carry out testing in problem areas and fully operational areas to compare the results. Areas which are shiny or appear to be polished can be scrutinised. Following testing a fully comprehensive report can be issued.

Further Considerations

Surface Resistivity

‘Surface Resistivity’ is another significant consideration that needs to be taken into account when guided vehicles or ‘bots’ are used. There is the potential of an Electro Static Discharge causing damage to senstive electronic components. Face Consultants can also offer a surface resistivity testing service.

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Surface Gloss Testing

Surface Gloss Testing

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